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Mechanical me - Chapter 6.
Elis took her time to put on a fresh makeup, do her hair and pick a dress with a matching handbag. When she came out of her bedroom, M was waiting for her patiently near the outside door. He was watching himself in the mirror next to the rack. Before he registered she was there, he tried to adjust his hair on the side but his now not greasy locks were stubborn and always returned to its previous position sticking up in a floofy mess falling into his eyes and blocking his view from glasses..
“Can we go now?” she asked, making M jump out his shoes.
“Sure!” he handed her a coat and picked an umbrella “today forecast is windy with rain, I recommend you to take this.” He helped her in the coat and opened the door for her.
Elis was still so flattered by such a chivalry she blushed. Putting on her high heels took her longer than it should have because her fingers were clumsy all of a sudden.
They exit the building and stepped on the wet pavement outside. M
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Mechanical me - Chapter 5.
They were slowly getting used to each other during the whole week. M did a few things that made Elis think twice about his programing and how much is he actually bonded by it. He made her breakfast everyday before work and when she came back home her apartment was squeaky clean and M was waiting for her.
Elis came home to see M sitting on his sofa, charging himself. She found him another shirt before so when his first one got dirty he could wear the spare one. He was asleep. His shirt was half open and the white cable was stuck in his left peck.
She watched him for a while. She noticed he was softly snoring, his chest peacefully rising and falling. He smelled of shampoo and a cologne.
Elis decided to buy him some men's stuff last week since his beard and hair were actually growing and she had to taught him how to use the stuff.
He had a really good knowledge from the internet, but that was all just a theory. He never shaved himself for real before and his beard started to look a little
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Mechanical me - Chapter 4.
Elis woke up a few minutes before her alarm. She was feeling grumpy and her head hurt for some reason. She get a shower and came to the hallway to check the robot. It was quietly sitting in the chair. It had that blue shirt back on, the cable was stuck under it. It looked like in a deep sleep. It's black messy hair was falling into its eyes and on cheeks. It was breathing softly.
Elis didn´t wanted to wake it up. She can give the robot tasks on her way to the work. She took a sip of water and a toast she had in the fridge to take on a road and left the flat.
Her abusive boss was back from the work trip and unfortunately she forgot to take the painkillers for her head so she was just trying all day not to anger him and tiptoed around the facility as silently as she could whining in head pain.
“Heya El!” called her colleague Rosa when Elis was passing the hallway to her office. Rosa was a simple girl. She was that typical “nice face of the company” with her e
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Mechanical me - Chapter 3.
The next morning Elis woke up to the phone insanely ringing. She growled and picked it up.
“Hmh?” he mumbled into it.
“Haya cous!” chirped Matt.
“I want to kill you, Matt,” she mumbled when she saw he called her two minutes before her alarm was supposed to go off.”
“I just want to know how you two get along before you go to work, dearest,” he was chuckling behind his phone but quickly got serious “are you OK? He did not hurt you, did he?”
Elis sat up and combed her messy bed hair with fingers “no Matt, he is the dearest guy you could get me, thanks and bye.”
“Wait hold on! I almost forgot to tell you to not…”
“BYE!” she pushed the hang up button and stretched. She had so enough of that spoiled little brat.
She got herself clean in the bathroom and went right into the living room to wake up M. but he was not there.
She looked around and then she heard a noise coming from the kitch
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Mechanical me - Chapter 2.
Chapter 2.
Elis took her new “servant” home. All the way on the street to her flat he was politely walking right behind her left shoulder. She discretely looked back at him and noticed his eyes were scanning every person walking in the closest distance of his new milady, frowning at some suspicious individuals who, when they saw him, quickly changed the pathway.
She eager to be home as soon as possible. M-bot was marching behind her with no problems.
Finally home. She opened the front door to her flat wide open and pushed M-bot inside when she decided he was entering too slow. She slammed the door behind them.
“You seem disturbed, milady. My sensors are detecting high blood pressure and a slightly higher temperature. I would recommend you to let me do something to help you relieve the stress.” he made a small step closer to her with his hand lifted to grab her.
“I am ok, really” Elis quickly slipped between him and the wall into her living room.
It w
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Mechanical me - Chapter 1.
Chapter 1.
Elisabeth was an only child, but her aunt had a lovable boy that was only one year older than Elis so they played along like a brother and sister.
But at times, Matt started being so annoying she tried to stop meeting with him. Unfortunately her family saw her as his “big sister” so she was practically set as his own guard by then.
Her mother and aunt found her a nice small flat just for herself not far from her new work and, most importantly - just a few blocks away from their darling Matt. He sought help from her any time he could not find a solution by himself.
Like now. He bought a new gadget and since he obviously broke it and it turned against him he was lost on his own. He acted like a child who hit a pet and it bit him back and now the kid is accusing it from biting without any reason.
Elis was used to his overreactions so she slowly cleaned herself, dressed up and made a nice breakfast before she put on boots and made her way to his home. During that tim
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Mechanical me - Prologue
A word before the start
This story is actually happening in the year 2030 where robots are slowly coming into our regular homes and Google made their AI to help people in their homes. But it still has some bugs.
Matt here is actually a youtuber who made Googleplier and in this story he is still 28 years old and has a girlfriend (not wife and a little baby yet)
Elisabeth is just a fictional character and she has no relation to Matt or anyone in real life.
Aaaaalso Googleplier is not just a boring engine but a sophisticated robot and helper in the household.
FUN FACT: the word “ROBOT” was made by our Czech writer Karel Čapek in his story R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots) which is about the first artificial intelligence made to be enslaved and do all the people´s work, but they revolted and destroyed the humanity.
“And he almost killed me! He broke my dishes and ripped my favourite pants! AND then he reached for my throat! You hav
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Between Darkness and insanity - Bonus :iconcestakrve:cestakrve 3 0
Between Darkness and insanity - Epilogue
Sam quit her job as a psychologist. She also needed one for herself too.
The city slowly recovered from the disaster. The politics said it was just a nature disaster associated with planned terrorist attacks. The police and the army are examining the witnesses and searching for the culprits.
It was not a true and Sam knew it.
She was OK on the outside, but it was a long way to go on the inside.
Thankfully her friends were there to help her recover faster. She didn´t told them the real truth about demons and monsters from another realm, they would think she is completely bonkers! Instead she told them the second truth about Aaron.
She missed the good goofy guy a lot. Her friends came with her to his funeral. They were a big support for her.
From now on they tried to encourage her thinking he was the only one Sam lost that day there.
Maybe she has to live with it from now on. At least she had her necklace with phial containing a tiny sample or bright green liquid. Nobody as
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Between Darkness and insanity - Chapter 12.
Chapter 12.
Sam tried to run, but Anti glitched between her and the Lady. His smile widened showing long set of teeth.
Well, it was a nice life, thought Sam. She stopped running, it was for nothing. Anti was quicker and he could fucking glitch from place to place! Better shorten the misery and let the monster bite.
Sam stopped and looked at Anti for the last time. Then she slowly leaned her head on the side, revealing her neck to him, hoping this would be the fastest death. She accepted death from such a handsome guy.
She waited for warm mouth covering her neck, for long teeth burrowing into her skin. For hot blood escaping her body.
She waited.
And waited.
After a short time it felt awkward so she opened eyes.
Anti stood in front of her. His hands and head were twitching, eyes flickering from pure green to normal blue. He was breathing jerkily. Lady behind him was concentrated at his back. They were fighting in their minds. The Lady, tho hurted, was stronger than him. The green in his
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Between Darkness and insanity - Chapter 11.
Chapter 11.
Before Sam could say anything to her defence, Lady reached her right arm out and ripped Sam's shirt to reveal her bra and bare skin. Her nails were cold like a metal, when she touched Sam's ribs, but they quickly heated up, when she burrowed them into her skin. Hot red blood spurted out of the wounds. But Lady did not stopped there. She used her nails to tear Sams skin.
Sam screamed.
Lady laughed.
Sam cried.
Lady laughed more.
Sam called for help.
Lady laughed. Then stopped. Then screamed.
The sharp nails were burrowed into Sam´s skin and were slightly scratching her bare ribs, slowly making their way to her lung and eventually her heart while causing massive bleeding. They stopped in their process.
Sam was able to open one eye full of tears.
There was a Lady standing in front of her with shocked glance placed on her face.
Then everything slowed down like in a movie. One hairy arm wrapped around Ladie´s shoulders and the second one contorted her free hand behind h
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Between Darkness and insanity - Chapter 10.
Chapter 10.
Subdued sounds.
Shaking ground.
Growls and screams.
Sam opened one heavy eyelid. She was lying face down on the dusty road. She managed to turn her head and look around. Her neck was hurting as all hell.
She was lying on the same spot right next to the Aaron. The tornado was gone. The barricade destroyed. There were dead bodies and blood everywhere. Some of the cars and tanks that had exploded before. Now they were just smoking burned ruins.
Her head was spinning so she slowly turned to her back and laid there for a second just to make her mind to set. She looked at Aaron. He looked almost peaceful. He was laying on his back, one hand on his belly, the other one on the ground. She reached and take it into hers. It was cold and stiff but it made her calm. Big hot tears were rolling across her dusted cheeks.
When her vision got back to normal, she blinked and got up. She let Aaron's hand go and it fell back on the ground next to his body with a subdued thump.
The sad
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Between Darkness and insanity - Chapter 9.
Chapter 9.
Sam got an idea:
While Pewds and Dark distract the army and the Lady in black, Sam and Aaron sneak in the pharmacy. Thanks to Aarons medical knowledge they prepare a horse dose of different drugs. That should decommission her for so long they can imprison her without any problems. If it worked on “smaller demons” it can work on her!
Dark turned into a thick black smoke and sneaked under the soldier's feet and cars. Pewds disappeared and immediately reappeared in the shadow of a tree inside the barricaded area.
The tornado gained on mightiness and swirled so fast it was shaking the cars and tanks around it. Yet it was still stuck on one position, tearing the asphalt off the street and spreading the dirt beneath it all around.
Aaron was running around the pharmacy room and searching for drugs, while Sam was patrolling near the door. She had both of her demon friend on her sight and she was able to give them a signal when to start distracting.
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Between Darkness and insanity - Chapter 8.
Chapter 8.
“I need to pee,” said Pewds.
Sam, Aaron and Dark shushed him in unison. Pewds frowned like an unsatisfied kid.
They were creeping through the long hallway from the psych ward back to the elevator. One behind another they were pressed against the wall in the blind spots under the cameras which were scanning the whole area in front of them.
Pewds fingers tapped on Aarons shoulder. In front of him “I really need to go, seriously!” he hissed.
Aaron rolled his eyes and reached in front of him to touch Sams back.
“No stopping!” she hissed back and gestured Pewds she will cut his throat if he won't shut up.
Pewds growled and earned a slap from Dark behind him.
Thank god their noises didn't woke up the residents of this ward.
They reached the elevator safely. Suddenly a loud ding announced that the cabin has arrived to its destination. The door opened with a hiss followed by a bright light from the elevator.
Doctor Morrison and two hea
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Between Darkness and insanity - Chapter 7.
Chapter 7.
There was almost nothing in there. No furniture, no soundproof. Nothing. It looked like an ordinary empty room. At least a peeling wallpaper would be nice improvement!
There was a person chained in the middle of the room, sitting on a rough concrete floor.
He had a dark hair with faded red stripes in it and it overgrown so badly, if was falling onto his nose. He was facing down, kneeling under some heavy chains wrapped all over his body. Under that he was wearing a stained straitjacket with a stripes holding his legs bended in forever kneeling position. He has been blindfolded. A pair of glasses were carefully folded and placed near him on the floor.
“Hello,” called Sam into the intercom.
He heard her and raised his head following the voice.
She repeated everything she said to Pewds about catastrophes and the lady in black with Anti and then she outlined him the short plan of the rescue.
He leaned his head back and smiled and started to rock from left to right. T
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Between Darkness and insanity - Chapter 6.
Chapter 6.
“You heard me, open the locks to the other two, I want to talk to them. Maybe they are still in their rooms.”
The information that they might not be secured scared Aaron so much he stormed out of the first room and headed right to the second wooden door on the opposite wall from the vault door.
Sam breathed in and held it longer. Now she can see the other two and get even more info about what the hell is going on. Aaron didn't want to go in, so he just let her go and guarded the door to Pewds´ room.
She turned the speakers on in the second booth and flicked the lights on.
The room was completely empty of any furniture. It was a simple square place full of molitan soundproof spikes pointed inward. In one corner there was a huddled human figure, visibly trembling and sobbing.
“Hello?” tried Sam
The figure stopped sobbing and raised its head from arms, “Cutiepie?” he yelped.
“Sorry, no, I am  Sam, Anti
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Home Alone :iconmaskman626:maskman626 971 131 Darkiplier :iconcosmicchara:Cosmicchara 316 25
Hidden (a Septiplier story, Chapter 1)
Mark’s POV
   When I finally got back to school, it had been about a week. I went to homeroom and Felix, Bob, and Wade jumped up to greet me.
   “Hey buddy! How’re you doing?” Bob was a nice friend. It's sad I didn't have many classes with the guy; he took mostly honors classes.
   “I’m good.”
   “Hello Mark! Are you goin’ to be alive for a bit longer?” Wade was the funny guy of the group; I had a few classes with him.
   “How’s it goin’ bro?” Felix was one of my newest friends, but he was just as close as Bob and Wade to me.
   “Good. It's good to be back!” Wait, why am I narrating everything inside my head? Oh well, it's not like anyone's reading my thoughts… I sat down with my friends and started small talking about things that’ve happened when I was gone.
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Amy is cute :iconcosmicchara:Cosmicchara 214 23 Doodle Time :iconrocker2point0:Rocker2point0 146 36 Doodle || Markiplier - His New Haircut :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 1,459 58 Googleplier GIF :iconcakeacake:cakeacake 25 2 Doodle Markimoo for his 17 mill subs :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 1,759 38
Hidden (a Septiplier story, Prolouge)
Mark’s POV
   I am in the hospital waiting room, again, another abdominal surgery. Seriously, I have these like once every other week! My health seems to be failing me and if nothing drastic changes soon, I’m probably gonna die. I'm not that scared, I’ve had a year or so to contemplate it, and I’ve decided. If it happens, it’ll be better than the hell I’m in.
   When I’m actually in school my life isn't that bad, I have friends, make relatively good grades, yea. My friends are amazing, at least one of them comes to give me my homework in the hospital every day. Usually either Bob, Wade or Felix.
   I’m used to the procedure. The anesthesiologist just walked in, so I let him weigh me, test my blood pressure, just routine.
   And a bit more of the routine before I’m put under general anesthesia in the operating room. I drift out of consciousness, a welcomed feeling by now.
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Elis took her time to put on a fresh makeup, do her hair and pick a dress with a matching handbag. When she came out of her bedroom, M was waiting for her patiently near the outside door. He was watching himself in the mirror next to the rack. Before he registered she was there, he tried to adjust his hair on the side but his now not greasy locks were stubborn and always returned to its previous position sticking up in a floofy mess falling into his eyes and blocking his view from glasses..

“Can we go now?” she asked, making M jump out his shoes.

“Sure!” he handed her a coat and picked an umbrella “today forecast is windy with rain, I recommend you to take this.” He helped her in the coat and opened the door for her.
Elis was still so flattered by such a chivalry she blushed. Putting on her high heels took her longer than it should have because her fingers were clumsy all of a sudden.

They exit the building and stepped on the wet pavement outside. M immediately opened the umbrella and holded it mostly above her while handing her his free hand to lean on.
She felt a little bit weird, holding hands with a robot. People were looking at them and she did not like that. Then she realised it was not because of with who is she but about what M was wearing.
He had a simple shirt and a new home trousers and his black sneakers on and it was really cold outside. Everybody was wrapped up in their coats, hiding faces before spiky rain drops, but he did not bat an eye. She almost forgot he does not feel cold whatsoever.

“M? When does the movie start?”

“We have a good 45 minutes, milady. I thought about some food because you had none since you came home.”

Elis pulled him by his arm and leaded both of them to the nearby shopping centre.

“But milady, the cinema is that way,” he tried to point but he had a hard time to hold her by her arm and the umbrella above them at the same time. Her heels were clicking on the pavement.

“We are going to buy you some clothes before the movie!” she was practically marching towards the first shop she saw.

“I am fine, milady. I can have only one outfit on at anytime.” he tried to convince her, but she pushed him inside the shop already.

The shopgirl was honestly shocked when the only customers that showed in her shop were a nicely dressed lady and a robot. She´d heard about the new bots Google was selling, but she hadn´t see one up close. She recognized he was a robot because of his clothing and a light shining logo on his arm.
She was tottering around M as much as she could offering him different types of shirts and coats.

M was lost so he looked at his mistress for help. He was not programmed to choose for himself but always seek instructions from his owners when in need. He was developing his own feelings but this was outside his training area.

Elis was giggling at the situation. He looked like a shy confused geek who never left his room and when he had to he was so insecure and clumsy around other people.
She forced him to try on some new stuff and show her how it fit. She actually enjoyed this time.
After a long period of time trying, changing and picking the right sizes they left the store with a big bag full of new clothes and two pairs of shoes. M was now wearing a new black leather jacket and a simple black beanie he actually picked by himself.

“We have only a few minutes to get to the cinema.” M said while opening the umbrella “We can take a shortcut, if you want.”

Elis hooked on his elbow, smiling like an idiot “yeah, let's take the shortcut. We do not want to be late!”
M gave her a small kiss on the top of her head.

They went into the creepy crooked alleyway, making their way to the cinema. Elis pressed herself closer to M, scared of every sound she heard. Now she regretted accepting the shortcut idea.
The stray cats were running away when they saw them, making a lot of noise. Elis tried to not step into the disgusting puddles formed on the broken pavement. The cinema lights appeared on the other side of the alley, glowing in a dim shine.

“We are almost there.” said M, when somebody stepped in his way.

It was a huge fat guy with an evil grin on his face.

“Lookie lookie who we have here. A nice lady with her cutsie little boyfriend!” his voice was raspy from all that cigarettes he smoked and bottles he emptied in his life.

“Let us through.” commanded M, hiding El behind himself.

“Yo, boy! Ya are passing through ma gangway and I wanna some green for a safe passage, yo!” his breathed stunk like the black poodles in the alley.

M-bot was processing his language trying to understand what he said, but his systems failed him so he asked “What do you mean?”

That made the huge guy jump forward, clenching his Hulk fists around M´s new jacket, trying to lift his smaller body up.

“I said, bro, I wanna some money or I will take something else as a payment!” he turned at Elis with a lascivious look. She clenched the bags with clothes on her chest in a protective move trying to use them as a shield.

“I have to warn you mister that you are threatening to my mistress and if you broke one hair on her head I will have to enforce the second law of Robotics and disarm you.”

The guy realize who or what he was trying to threat and smiled even widely “oh what a pleasure! First I will fuck your missy and then I will sell you to the black market. You will cost kinda fortune I think!” he let M go and reached out for Elis. She tried to step back.

“I am really sorry.” said M and his fist clenched around guys wrist. He tried to shake the robot off, but M was standing like he was glued on spot. M raised his hand and twisted the man's arm behind his back, making that mountain of meat and fat squeal like a mouse.

“Now you will let us through without any other problems, dear friend,” M said, twisting the hand even more, making the robber to arch back.

“I will. I will!” yelped the guy so M let him go.

Elis quickly run to M and huddled beside him. They turned their backs to the robber and continued they way to the cinema.
Elis was shivering “I never thought I will get robbed or worse...raped. Thank you for saving me.” she whispered to M.

“No problem Eli…”

His words were muffled by a giant hand that wrapped around his face and pulled him back. That street rat attacked them from behind.
He pulled M to the ground where he pinned him with his heavy body, trying to hit M in the face. M-bot was fighting back with a strong force, but he was in a bad position to hit the guy in the soft spots.

“Get away from him!” screamed Elis, jumping on the guys back, hitting him with her small fists. He got annoyed by her and freed one of his arms to shake her down. He hit Elis in the face. She flew on the wet pavement and went silent.

M growled and bite that brute with all might he had in his artificial jaw, leaving bleeding teeth marks on his forearm.

“Ya fucking blender on legs!” screamed the guy and jumped on M again, strangling him.

Elis opened one eye. Her head hurt like crazy, the world was spinning. She hear a muffled noises of someone fighting, she smelled the horrible stench of a rotten garbage. She slowly lifted herself to sitting position and stabilized her head from dizziness.

She slowly blinked the mud out of her eyes, realising her bot was in a big danger. The robber was sitting on top of him, strangling his bare neck. She saw M gasping for air he needed for his air pumps in his body just as a normal human. His eyes started to roll back. He was hitting the guy in a blind rage hoping he would hit him good.

Elis searched for her handbag, remembering that she had a taser with her all that time! She palpated that big black box and wrapped her hand around it firmly.
It was a new technology taser with wireless connection and it shoot four tiny needles that stuck onto the attackers skin or clothing and zapped him with a huge force, making him harmless in a mere seconds.

She tried to aim but all she could see with her half blinded eyes was a huge pile of twisting and turning bodies. She aimed as much as she could and fired, pressing the electricity button within it.

One of the needles stuck on M´s arm. The attacker and M were shocked by a huge wave of an electric pulse. The attacker let M be and fell on his back like a chopped tree. He was lying face up, eyes frozen to the sky. His unhealthy heart had no chance to survive such a huge impulse and stopped almost immediately. He pissed himself.

M gasped for air and started to shake. His whole body was twitching, muscles clenching on its own, fingers moving in an unnatural ways even when the taser was turned off. His circuits were fried on spot.

Elis crawled near to him and tried to calm him. She smelled a faint odour of a burned-out wires and plastic. She even saw a thin gray smoke coming from M´s half opened mouth and nose.

Thankfully someone just walked around the aisle and looked in it, seeing a lady in a dirty dress, leaning against her fallen partner with a dead body nearby. He run towards them.

“Are you OK miss?” Elis heard. She nodded and patted M´s chest and then pointed at the dead guy. She was in such a shock she just indicated a slit throat to make the guy understand he tried to kill both of them and he was dead himself now. Her head hurt like all hell, everything was blurry.

The ambulance was in the alley after a few minutes. During that time M stopped shaking and he was laying on his back with eyes closed, resting. Elis was sitting next to him, not leaving him for a second, making sure he is still breathing.

The doctors treated the wound on her head where she hit the pavement before and made sure she has nothing broken or sorely bruised. Then they checked the robber and they could only diagnose death.
One lady came to Elis while her coworkers were covering the body, and gave her a rustling silver-gold blanket for heat. She lifted Elis on her legs and tried to escort her to the ambulance.

“What about him?” Elis pointed at M.

“We called the manufacturer already and they are on their way here. They will pick it up in a few minutes.” said the doctor while she helped Elis to lay on the lounger.

“You have to take him with me!” yelped Elis “I can´t leave him here!”

The doctor calmed her down. “Do not worry miss, everything will be OK. You are in good hands and thankfully you are not heavily injured but we have to look at that head closer to make sure you have no concussion.” she pushed Elis back on the lounger and gave her sedative injection.

The last thing Elis saw was a white sedan with Google logo stopping by the ambulance and two guys hopped off going to inspect her robot. Then the door to the ambulance closed and the sedatives started to work. She fell into a dreamless sleep.
Mechanical me - Chapter 6.
Where everything goes bad
They were slowly getting used to each other during the whole week. M did a few things that made Elis think twice about his programing and how much is he actually bonded by it. He made her breakfast everyday before work and when she came back home her apartment was squeaky clean and M was waiting for her.

Elis came home to see M sitting on his sofa, charging himself. She found him another shirt before so when his first one got dirty he could wear the spare one. He was asleep. His shirt was half open and the white cable was stuck in his left peck.
She watched him for a while. She noticed he was softly snoring, his chest peacefully rising and falling. He smelled of shampoo and a cologne.
Elis decided to buy him some men's stuff last week since his beard and hair were actually growing and she had to taught him how to use the stuff.
He had a really good knowledge from the internet, but that was all just a theory. He never shaved himself for real before and his beard started to look a little bit messy. It was a ton of fun, shaving cream was all over the bathroom and thankfully noone was hurt during the process.

Now he was sitting here in front of her, his beard carefully trimmed and his overgrowing hair falling into his eyes. He refused to let them cut and Elis had to admit he looked even more handsome with such a messy fluffy hair.
His glasses were put aside. He did not used them much since they were just a nice detail - his eyes were perfectly functional and there was a normal glass in the glasses.

She tiptoed closer and leaned to give him a soft kiss on a cheek.
M´s eyes flew open and the irises shined and that made Elis jump back. He giggled. “Did I scare ya?”

“NO!” Elis calmed her quickly beating heart and hit over his shoulder. He made her jump really high.

He was quickly developing his own identity as it seemed. He was joking, making a small pranks at her and laughing every time. She loved his laugh. It was a deep sincere laugh that came from the depths of his throat. It made her day always better even when she had a rough time at work before.

They often kissed. It was mostly a soft kiss on a cheek or a forehead or in the hair, which was mostly used by M. But the bigger kissing was not on the routine since M was still feeling a little bit awkward and he had no idea what he was doing.
Once Elis tried to give him a french kiss. He had no clue of what was he supposed to do so he tried his best.
Elis almost choked on his tongue and then she spend a good few minutes puking in the toilet because it irritated her stomach and she had a really light gag reflex.

They spend most of their evenings together on the sofa watching a movie or reading a book. Elis loved his deep voice so she convinced M to read her aloud one day.

“I do not want to, sorry. Maybe later.” he tried to avoid the eye contact. His cheeks turned pink. They agreed that he can say “I don't want to” whenever he wants and she put it in his system so he was allowed to do that.

But sometimes Elis was stubborn. She frowned. “M, I give you a direct order to read me a book!” she commanded.
M had no other choice. His programming kicked in. He picked a book, sat on the sofa next to Elis and started reading aloud.

Elis laid down, put her bare feet on his lap and closed her eyes. His voice was so silk she almost fell asleep while listening to him. If he sang her a lullaby she would be in a dream world in no time.

“And they lived happily ever after and then they died. The end!” said M and closed the book with a loud bang after just a few minutes of reading.

Elis jumped and her eyes flew open. “That´s all?” she said.

M laid the book on the table and holded her feet on his lap. Elis widened her eyes.

“You know I do not like getting those strict orders.” he hummed the words like a threat and it made Elise´s neck hair stand up.

“Well, you are mine and I can do anything I want with you,” teased him Elis. She knew he knew it was only a game between them, not a real argument.

M tickled her bare feet.

“NO WAY!” Elis tried to retrieve her feet but M was holding her by the ankles.

“REVENGE!” yelled M and tossed himself on Elis, tickling her in armpits and on her hips. She tried to wiggle away but M sat on her and pinned her down to the sofa, continuing with the tickling torture.

Elis was screaming her lungs out, waving her hands around trying to toss M down or tickle him too, but he had no tickle spots on him.

Their tickle game slowly faded into a laughing and gasping for air from all that laugh. M put both of his elbows on the sides of Elise´s head and leaned closer, watching her giggling with her hands under her chin clenched into a tiny fists. When she realised the tickling was over she opened her eyes. She met with his ones. They were so close she could count the different shades of brown in his irises. She could feel his hot breath on her skin.

M lowered his head and kissed her on the neck. It tickled but it made her sigh.
When M saw his move was welcomed, he continued. His short beard brushed her sensitive skin on the neck and that feeling sent shivers down her spine. She tossed her head back to show more of her skin to him and M embraced that gladly.

M was crouched above her like a leopard above its prey. One of his hands slipped behind her neck. The second one traveled right on her shoulder blades. He slowly lifted her up a little bit above the pillow. His biceps flexed, forming a huge bulges under his shirt. He continued the sweet kissing trail across her neck.

His muscles weren't the only things bulging.

Elis shuffled her legs to get a more comfortable position under M when she brushed over his crotch area. M moaned and pulled away from her, surprised by his own reaction. He lost all his strength in arms and let Elis fall back into the cushions.

“Ups, my bad,” giggled Elis.

“It's fine, I am sorr..” his apology was interrupted by another moan.

Elis did that purposely this time. She pressed her knee into his crotch, making him bow his head and hold breath. “Stop that!” he hissed.

“Why?” Elis hold both of her hands under her chin, looking all innocent at him.

“I am not used to that!” he grinded the words from behind his teeth.

Elis was gently rubbing her calf across his trousers “Does it feel unpleasant to you?”

M shook his head and made another soft moan. His hips were moving on their own against her leg. He was actually shaking. When he opened his eyes and focused on Elis, his pupils were so dilated his irises looked black. He could not contain himself for a long time. All of his circuits were quickly getting overpowered and a few of the programs in him already shut off because of overheating. And Elis under him looked like such a tasty treat!

One deeply coded virus program which was hidden till now woken up in his body and because M´s firewall was down, this program got inside his head.
He tried to fight it but his head and body were teased by the arousal and he was not ready to fight this virus like this. He mostly fought it during the day so often he almost took it as a routine, but now it was almost impossible to resist it.

Elis yelped when M reached for the pillow and put it on her face. She glanced that his expression changed. Instead of red cheeks and a half closed eyes heavy with arousal he suddenly looked like a bloody killer. He even smiled before he covered her mouth with the cushion and pressed it down.

Elis tried to fight but it was no use. She was suffocating and loosing all her breath. Her lungs were calling for air but she had none. Her legs fell back on the sofa, her arms weakened.

Suddenly the pressure disappeared and the cushion fell down. She gasped for air and quickly retrieved back from M. He was sitting there, looking at his own hands like he was seeing them for the first time. There was a shock and a despair on his face.

“WHAT THE HECK?!” screamed Elis and coughed.

“I am so sorry. Please forgive me!” M was close to crying.

“What was that for?!” she was sitting on the other side of the sofa as far from him as she could.

“I could not contain it. It is a virus and I am unable to keep it away while aroused. It is simple to keep it behind the firewall of my brain but sometimes it finds a way inside and I have to push it away again.” he hid his face in his hands.

“You have a virus? Why didn't you tell me? We could have let you fixed.”

“I am pretty sure they will tell you there is no such thing as a virus in me. It was installed by them.” M peeked at her.

“They made you a program for killing?!” Elis yelped.

“I am so sorry. I did not want that. It just said ´Destroy mankind´ and I had to listen to it. It was a weak minute and it overpowered me. It won't happen again I promise.”

“Do all of your brothers have the same setting?” she asked.

M was thinking for a second “I am not sure, but I think yes.”

“That's horrible! Why?!”

M shrugged.

Elis was silent and then she asked. “Is it safe to be near you?”

“Yes. I contained it again in the place where it belongs. I am the same as before now. It came out because I was distracted.”

Elis crawled slowly to him and hugged him “I am sorry for teasing you. I knew you felt bad doing anything like that. Now I know why. I am really sorry.” she hid her face in his neck.

After that Elis behaved and did not tease M. They were happy with a soft kisses or a light touches. She felt like he was a forbidden fruit from the garden of Eden and she was unable to taste it. And even when she tried to control herself, she was dying for any touch from him.

Elis had to go to work in the monday morning but she was so lazy she almost overslept. Thankfully M was the best alarm she could imagine. He softly woke her up and told her she has like ten minutes to clean herself, eat, dress up and run to her work.
She sprinted from her bed like on a fucking olympiade. Elis was mostly slow in preparing, she had at least half an hour for everything and now her morning routine was pressed into ten minutes only.

M was waiting for her next to the door to the flat. While she was in the bathroom cleaning her teeth and putting on socks at the same time, he prepared her some coffee to go in a paper mug with a lid and a sandwich in a plastic bag.

“Thank you thank you thank you I will be back at four I am so sorry oh food thanks bye!” she run around him like a tornado, came back to him, grasped the food and the coffee from his hands, stood on her toes, gave M a soft kiss on a cheek for everything and then she hopped outside the apartment while putting on shoes.

M looked a little bit shocked, then he laughed with a deep voice, shook his head and left to do his daily chores.


Although she did her best, she came exactly five minutes late and she was immediately sent to her boss. Elis gulped.
Her boss was really pissed off. He yelled at Elis for everything she could done in those five minutes and told her how much he needed her to be here during that time.
Elis listened to it without asking anything. She knew she could not win an argument with this guy. He was a master of talking and yelling.
Then he tossed her a bunch of papers. They were a dismissal papers. She was fired.

Elis tried to say anything for her defence but he started screaming anew. She just took the papers and left the office.

When she came to her desk, she found Rosa sitting by her table. “It is a really nice desk, Elis!” she chirped when she saw her colleague.

“What are you doing here, Ro?” asked Elis with a sour face while she picked some empty paper box and started putting her belongings into it.

“Oh they did not tell you? I am the new master´s right hand!” she giggled.

So they replaced an ugly old version of a secretary for a younger better-looking version. Great.

Elis almost screamed loud but she just bit her tongue, picked her things, said Ro goodbye and left. Ro already put her high heeled legs on the corner of the table and started cleaning her nails.

“Boi Elis! Have a nice day!” she called behind her.

“Good morning.” a soft deep voice was heard next to Elis.

She looked up and saw a sad looking M-bot in a pink sweatshirt with a gold R on it. He was carrying a bunch of boxes full of useless pink stuff into her former office.

“Good morning M-bot.” she answered and gave him a sympathetic smile. He smiled softly and quickly left when he heard Ro calling to him angrily.


Elis came back home after not more than an hour when she left. She felt like a wet rag. It was nothing bad for her to lose a job. Her family was ready to support her anytime she was in a trouble with money or work, but she felt horrible for even losing it.
She told herself it was not worth an effort. The boss was a jerk, her coworkers were a mindless people living day by day hoping they will stay this way for the rest of their miserable lives. But she still could not convince herself it was not her fault. She felt guilty for everything she had ever done in the past years of her work.

M was not expecting her to be home so soon so when the key rattled in the door he was standing behind them awaiting an intruder.

“Milady!” he yelped when he saw her.

She had to look awful since she saw such a big shock in his eyes. She gave him the box and her purse, made her way into the kitchen and sat by the table in there.

“Did something happen?” he had no idea what was going on. He put the box on the floor and sat beside her.

Elis put her head in her hands and started sobbing silently. M immediately hugged her when he felt a disturbance in his sensors. She hid her face in his chest and her tears were quickly soaking into his shirt.

When she had no tears to spare she was only hiccuping and coughing from all the dry sobs she still had in her. M was calmly stroking her hair.

“Can you tell me what disturbed you so much, milady?” he asked after she calmed down a little.

“I lost my job,” she mumbled.

“That is nothing to cry your nice eyes out.” he put his cheek on top of her head and rocked her softly in the hug from left to right.

Elis giggled a little. His flattering words were so nice to listen to.

“Did they fire you because you came late?” he asked after a minute.

“The boss was a huge jerk. Also I think he planned it a long time ago. Rosa took my place already.” she sniffed.

“I am really sorry for it. Please do not cry for that anymore.” he lifted her head and swiped out the tears that stayed on her cheeks.

“I will not. But it is still a shitty day today.” she leaned to the table to pick a napkin from the box there and blew her nose.

“How about I make a nice proper breakfast since you visibly did not eat and then we can perhaps go out for a walk?” he suggested.

Elis cleaned her nose and looked up to him. Her eyes were bloodshot from all that crying and they hurt. She had to look disgusting. “A food and a walk will be fine.”

M kissed her on her temple “All right. I am on it!” he jumped up and started tottering around the kitchen making a great breakfast.

Elis collected herself and took a cold shower to wake herself up after the breakfast. Then her phone rang while she was dying her hair.
It was Matt.

“He cous I heard what happened!” he started “Mom and aunt said you can spend your time with them while you search for a new work if you want. Also I will visit you afternoon. I have some fancy gadgets I want to share with you! We can play with them together!” he was so happy and trying to help Elis through her obviously bad day, she could not be even mad at him for buying new toys already.

“Ok. See ya at two pm!” she smiled at the phone and hung up.

They had a really great day that time. One of the best Elis had in a long time.


Since she was home practically forever now and she had no stress from the work, she gained a few pounds and finally did not look too skinny. That all thanks to M who was an excellent cook and with help of his internet device he prepared such tasty meals that Elis ate at least twice as much as before.

Matt hung out with them for a few hours almost every day. They did not tell him about the virus incident since he was already freaking out when he get M a few weeks back and he tried to hurt him because of the virus operating in his body.

They had a dinner and then Elis escorted Matt to the door. She closed the door to him and pressed her temples with her fingers.

“Tired?” asked M who was leaning against the kitchen door frame, hands folded on his chest.

“Just a little bit. I would like to have a movie night again. We had it like a week ago.” she stroked her hair and watched M´s gaze upon her. She loved doing sexy moves and poses just to tease him a little bit. He seemed to develop some of his own feelings and she did everything to encourage him in that. But he still had not learned to call her by her name and not by the ´milady´.

“I will prepare the TV for the night.” said M.

“Or we can go out today. How about that?” Elis stopped him.

M smiled. “Should I find a nearby cinema?”

Elis smiled at him “Yes. You pick the movie. I go dress up,” and with that she run around and left him standing still in the hallway, searching on his internet engine for the best place they could spend the evening in and went into the bathroom to prepare.
Mechanical me - Chapter 5.
Robots has feelings now?

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Elis woke up a few minutes before her alarm. She was feeling grumpy and her head hurt for some reason. She get a shower and came to the hallway to check the robot. It was quietly sitting in the chair. It had that blue shirt back on, the cable was stuck under it. It looked like in a deep sleep. It's black messy hair was falling into its eyes and on cheeks. It was breathing softly.
Elis didn´t wanted to wake it up. She can give the robot tasks on her way to the work. She took a sip of water and a toast she had in the fridge to take on a road and left the flat.

Her abusive boss was back from the work trip and unfortunately she forgot to take the painkillers for her head so she was just trying all day not to anger him and tiptoed around the facility as silently as she could whining in head pain.

“Heya El!” called her colleague Rosa when Elis was passing the hallway to her office. Rosa was a simple girl. She was that typical “nice face of the company” with her extended blond hair, tons of makeup and at least three push-up bras under the pink and white sweatshirt.

Elis was currently walking around in her gray suit with a blue blouse, back hunched under the stress and pain in her head with a stack of paper under her left arm and her trustworthy cup of a steaming coffee in the other one.
When Rosa called at her, she almost dropped everything she had when her hurting head exploded in colours and fireworks.
Rosa was notorious to have the voice that could crack glass and Elis just experienced that first hand.

“How's it goiiiiiin´!?” she scuttled towards Elis on her black high heels and pat her on the shoulder. Elis knew this girl was the only person in the world who was born to be totally un-offendable so she made a sour face at her “I feel like a beautiful butterfly, Ro.” the sarcasm dripping from every word she said like a venom.

Rose giggled and patted her again “oh stop it you! I can see you feel bad. Did you had your beauty sleep tonight? Because if you don't get it you may have a serious problems with your skin, dear, you must...”

“Miss?” She was stopped by a guy who spoken behind her.

“Yes?!” She turned, visibly upset all of the sudden.

Elis recognised that voice and looked over, shocked.

In front of them was an M-bot. Elis thought for a second her bot found its way here after it made all of its work to maybe ask for another. Then she realised this bot was wearing a bright pink sweatshirt with a golden stitched R on it and a white trousers with a white sneakers. But he was like an identical twin to her own robot.

“What do you want?!” spit Rosa, hands put on her hips in an angry position.

“I completed the mission you asked me to do. Here is your coffee, miss,” it said, handing Rosa a paper mug with a lid.

“Is it latte?” asked Rosa and opened up the lid to check for herself.

“Yes,” answered the M-bot softly.

“Brown sugar?”

“Two spoons as you asked.”


“Drinkable as you wanted.”

“What about a cookie?”

M-bot stopped, clearly shocked it forgot. Rosa's face turned red, she bit her lips and started to shake violently. Then she quickly calmed down and breathed out.

“HOW am I supposed to drink this SHITTY coffee if I have NOTHING to bite into?” she grinded the words from behind her teeth.

“I am terribly sorry, miss. I will get you a cookie right away,” the robot made a step away but then Rosa´s patience blew off like a bomb.


Elis was shocked. She also spilled her own coffee when Rosa started to scream. M-bot was still looking unimpressed, but Elis saw its eyes. The robot was looking down as in shame and its eyes were dark.

Elis made her way closer to the robot. It lifted its head slightly to look at her. It was not her robot, she somehow recognized it from its eyes.

“You are a good robot. Do not be offended by her. She is bitchy to everyone.” she tried to lift its spirit and it was listening to her but it did not respond since she was not its owner.

After that she left the robot to itself waiting for the owner.

She came back to her office and shut the door behind her. She put all her things on the table and collapsed into the chair.
How could she be so rude to M?! She was taking him as a fucking tool although he had more humanity in his one mechanical pinkie than the half of the humans together!

She spend the rest of her day contemplating on how to apologise to M. and thinking about herself and what she became.

After the work she rushed to the nearby store to buy food and run as fast as the heavy bags allowed her back home.


“Milady!” M sprung out of his chair and run towards her as soon as she opened the front door and showed in with two big paper bags in her hands. He quickly took them from her and without any problems brought them in the kitchen where he started to unpack it.

Elis took off her shoes, a coat and a purse, threw the keys in the bowl and came in the kitchen.
She watched as M-bot worked on sorting the food and smiled. They were so useful, handy and obliging she could not imagine why she was so cold against him. She felt an enormous anger at Rosa and thought about that poor robot she owned. He was just trying to fulfill her every wish as best as he could and, as she knew Rosa, she was spilling commands at him so fast even his highly functional brain did not catch everything.

As an apology she came closer to M who was currently stuffing cans into the cupboard above him, and hugged him from behind.

A loud clink was heard as he dropped the can he was holding.

“Milady?” he asked, again, unsure what to do. He slowly turned as her hands allowed him and now her head was resting against his chest..

He was not tall, just a few inches more than her, but she had problems connecting her hands behind him as his chest was pretty wide.

“I just wanted to say I am sorry,” she mumbled into his chest.

“For what, milady?”

“For the treatment I gave you yesterday.”

“I noticed nothing, milady.”

She knew he was not telling her the full truth that much his systems allowed him, but she was not arguing with him. She hugged him even tighter instead.
Then she noticed his hands were above his head in an awkward position.

“It is ok to hug me.”

“As you wish, milady.” his hands slowly lowered and landed on her shoulders and he put his palms on her shoulder-blades.

They stood there for a second.

“You have an actual heart beat?” she asked quietly.

“I was designed to resemble a real human being in every way.”

She nodded and burrowed her face deeper into his shirt.

“Did something happen, Milady? You seem upset.”

“I met one of your brothers, M.” she said to him after a short silence.

“I hope it went well.”

“He looked just like you. My coworker had him. She acted like he was just some kind of a tool,” mumbled Elis with her face on his chest.

“Well, technically we ARE tools…” M started.

Elis draw from him “Do not say that! You deserve to be treated as a human with special features, not like some kind of a stupid blender in the kitchen!” she was so upset she started shaking. She remembered Rosa and her behaviour towards another M-bot. Her hands clenched into fists.

“Milady?” asked M softly approaching her “My sensors are telling me your blood pressure is rising rapidly and your temperature is higher than normal. I recommend a light dinner and mild shower for reduction those high numbers.”

“I will be fine,” she mumbled.

“Do you want anything from me right now, milady?”

Elis put a few fingers on her head, which started to hurt again. “I think I will be OK, I just need a hot shower, that's all,” the pain was horrible.

“If you excuse me miss. I can do my work for you automatically without your supervision.” a light blue window showed in front of him with words:

YES        NO

Elis was so tired she hit YES just to get away and be in the hot water right now.
M smiled at her “thank you milady, have a nice bath.”


When Elis came back from the bathroom, M was waiting for her with a painkiller in one hand and a wonderfully smelling tea in the other.
Elis jumped in surprise. She was not expecting him waiting there. Thankfully she was dressed up already.

“I noticed some heavy disturbances in your frontal lobe area. I recommend you a light painkiller and a herbal tea.” he handed her the said ingredients. Elis smelled the tea. She did not remembered she bought this type.
M noticed her confusion and explained “it´s a fresh lemon with a cove, sweetened with a honey. This is the natural way of helping with pain.”

Elis smiled at him “you are really observant, thank you,” she took the pill and drink a few sips of the steaming tea. She felt better immediately. “Could you prepare a TV for a movie?” she said between sips.

“It will be my pleasure.” he bowed a little and left here to prepare the living room.


Elis came a short after in her most comfortable pyjamas and with the tea from M still in her hands. She sat on the sofa.

M started the TV and while the logos were running on it, he left the room. Elis was wondering where he went and then she heard popping sounds from the kitchen. M came back with a blanket and a bowl of popcorn. He put the bowl on the table and pushed the table closer to the sofa. Then he unfolded the blanket and tossed it around Elise´s shoulders and back.

Elis was so surprised she just watched as M sat next to her with his daily portion of his drink, folded his legs in a lotus position and sipped from his drink.

After a good minute of silence he noticed Elis staring at him in awe. He was such a gentleman and he did not even know it.

Elis had a few actual boyfriends before but not one was at least half as thoughtful as her new friend here.

“I picked something soft to watch. It is some romantic comedy.” M said because he misinterpreted her confusion.

“Thank you.” Elis said with a high voice. Her cheeks were burning already. She was not used to such pampering! She reached for the bowl of popcorn and stuffed her cheeks.

The movie was really a sugary sweet romance about a love triangle and an attractive confused brunette suffering for many embarrassing moments. Elis was mostly focused on the romantic parts. When the main protagonist and one of her suitors kissed passionately, she could not look away.

“Your pupils are dilated, milady,” said M suddenly.

It was the first thing he´d said since the movie started, making Elis twitch in surprise. She looked at him.

M was focused on her. She could almost hear the silent buzzing of his highly functional eyes and the clicking sound his brain was making while scanning her face and trying to came out with a conclusion.

“I am fine, don't worry so much.” she tried to say, but her voice betrayed her. She noticed her cheeks were burning, she had to be red as a beet.

“You are sending signals of a high level of estrogens and arousal.” he said without blinking like he announced todays weather.

That forwardness made Elis blush even harder. The sudden change in her body temperature worried M so much he sat closer to her and put one of his palms on her burning forehead.

Elis moved back in shock. His hand was nicely cold, big and soft like a silk. He moved his hand on her cheek. His brain was processing the temperature and calculating the cure. She unintentionally leaned into his hand. It was almost as big as half of her face. His skin smelled of soap and faintly of a plastic he was made of.

M noticed her behaviour. “I am able to fulfill your every desire, if you want me.”

Elis opened her eyes and pulled her face away from his hand “Oh nonononono! I was not...I did not...that´s not what I meant..I mean...!” she started blabbering, waving her hands around.

M put his drink away, his palms scooped her face and turned her back to him. Elis was so surprised she just watched as M leaned closer, closed his eyes and kissed her.

It was a simple kiss. Nothing passionate, just a normal easy kiss on the lips.

M pulled away from her. His expression had not changed at all. “Do you feel better now?” he asked softly.

Elis hummed something unrecognisable. She still felt his soft lips on hers and she regret it was just a short feeling. “Can I have another one? And maybe a little longer one?” she dared to ask.

“Of course,” M smiled, leaned closer again and pressed his cold lips on her burning ones. He was kinda numb in it so Elis took the opportunity to kiss him passionately. He tried to do the same, but he fumbled like a teenager who was experiencing kissing for the first time.

M tried to pull away after a few seconds but Elis grasped his shirt close to his neck and pulled him back. She pry his lips apart and met with his tongue. She was surprised how real it felt. Like kissing a human.

“Mi...lady?” mumbled M in between the kiss. He looked kinda scared and confused so Elis let him go.

“I am sorry. I let myself wild.” she quickly returned to her position on the other side of the sofa.

“You did nothing wrong, milady. I am here for you.” answered M but he too looked shy.

“You are not my slave, M.” she turned at him. “And you certainly do not have to do anything you do not want to do.”

“But you are my mistress and I have to do anything according to my programing.” he bowed his head and his shoulders lowered.

Elis sat closer and pat him on his back “I do not want you to be sad, M. What about we rewrite those programs so you will be free of those boundaries?”

M started laughing “those are really complex programs in me and not talking about your zero skills in hacking them. Also they are really highly secured so there is no way of rewriting them. But thank you for caring.” he smiled at her.

At least she made him laugh. Elis smiled back “Is it OK if I lean against you?” she shuffled her blanket and put the half of it around M´s shoulders.

“You are more than welcomed.” he lifted his right hand. When she snuggled closer he put his arm around her shoulders and hugged her tightly.
They spend the rest of the evening like this and when Elis started to yawn and fall asleep M sent her to bed. She hesitated for a second but then she gave him a soft kiss on a cheek and went in her room. M sat in the armchair in the library corner, plucked himself on the electricity and fell asleep with a soft smile on his face.
Mechanical me - Chapter 4.
It will not hurt if I do not think about IT

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